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London AIM Advisory Services

Israel Based Specialised London Stock Exchange and AIM IPO Listing Consulting and Management


Operating out of Israel, London AIM Advisory Services’ objective is to facilitate, manage and advise on the process for an Israeli Company that wants to list on the London Stock Exchange (AIM or Main Board), from the point of wanting to pursue an IPO to final listing on the Exchange.

With over 20 years of Strategic, Business Management, Development, Business Turnaround and Listing experience, Mark Reichenberg, CEO of London AIM Advisory Services, a qualified Chartered Accountant, is an expert in the field of Corporate Finance.

Having an extensive in-depth knowledge and “hands on” experience through the entire IPO process for the LSE and AIM market of the London Stock Exchange, we take you through the process from the initial concept stage of pursuing an IPO on AIM or the Main Board of the LSE, through to the final admission date of your company on the London Stock Exchange or AIM market.

As an English home language speaker, Mark Reichenberg is the ideal bridge between Israel and the UK markets, ensuring all presentations, work processes, documentation, reports and ongoing listing requirements are prepared and presented at the highest level of professionalism.

We provide a viable, practical, full picture and outline when considering an IPO. The result of such a complete picture is that we will also eliminate the unexpected surprises, workload, complications and costs that management and boards often uncover deep into the process.

At London AIM Advisory Services, we assess the Company for suitability; inform management of ALL the steps and processes from inception to listing and what follows post listing. We explain about all the parties involved and the anticipated costs, and introduce Companies to the best fit Broker and team in the UK to take the Company to market.

Unlike many other consultants in this arena, London AIM Advisory Services provides you with a “no surprises” IPO consulting and “hands on” service, managing the process and guiding your Company all the way to an LSE or AIM admission.

With an open door to all the top Brokers and Nomads (including UK Legal, Financial PR and other Advisers), we introduce your Company, allowing you to find the ‘best fit’ team for your Company and management to work with.

My commitment to you is a professional and personal service. I do not take on any and every possible client thus ensuring that I always have more than enough time, as and when required, for you, the client.

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