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Why should my website be uptodate and using the latest technologies ?

Surly if it isn’t broken I should not fix it ?

How often do you find yourself getting frustrated when you have visited a website using your mobile device? You’re stuck in the no man’s land of an unresponsive website and whatever information or product you were looking for is unobtainable.

Google has said that the company often makes tweaks to its algorithms and technology powering search, but announces few. Their ‘mobilegeddon’. penalising websites that are not mobile compatible has caused a big impact, potentially affecting traffic and revenue for a number of sites that heavily rely on search results.

Things that google will shove your website to the bottom of the search over :

1. Slow-loading pages
2. Large popups
3. Not Mobile Friendly
4. Long and complicated menus
5. No easy route back to homepage
6. Site search tucked away
7. Hidden content
8. Upfront registration required
9. Faulty redirects
10. Typos and bad grammar

Mail Online, the world’s largest English-language news site, for instance has never introduced a mobile-friendly front page and as a consequence will likely suffer.

This is how business websites lose potential customers every day to one of their competitors.

Some statistics you should think about :

  • 80 percent of Internet users own a smartphone
  • 67 percent of consumers are willing to buy a product or use a service on a mobile-friendly site
  • 89 percent of people admitted to searching for a local business on their smartphone once a week or more with 58 percent searching at least daily
  • South Africa & Israel are among st the largest Mobile markets in the world!
  • 40 percent of searchers will click another mobile result if a site’s not mobile friendly

1. It is a Key Feature of Modern Day Web Design
Web design concepts are ever evolving and you need to keep up with the latest available technology to keep your site’s visitors happy. You have to keep them on your site and engage with them to turn visitors into customers. These don’t even have to be paid themes, often these are already included with your hosting provider and are included when you sign up. Having a responsive design will also increase your conversion rates.

2. Prioritizing the User Experience (UX)
The user is king in the website world, so make sure you treat them like royalty by ensuring that they have the same experience regardless of how they choose to access your website. A report from the Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA) states that 77 percent of agencies attribute a poor website UX as a weakness for their clients, the largest weakness they identified overall.

3. Staying Ahead of the Game
If you are a business owner then having a responsive site will be vital for you to stay ahead of your competitors. As we mentioned earlier, users that get caught up in an unresponsive site are most likely to head straight for your main competitors.

4. Keeping it Simple
There is no need to set up multiple sites that work with each type of device, you can set up one easy to use platform that will ensure all users can access without any issues. Most users want to have a simple way to access websites, without any unnecessary barriers so keep it simple and keep the users happy.

5. Saves You Money in the Long Term
Whilst you might need to spend some money to get a top quality web designer to set up a responsive website for you, most website owners will tell you that it is money well spent. As well as preventing unhappy customers from shopping elsewhere it will mean less maintenance will be required in the future.

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7. Better for Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing Strategies
If you have multiple sites set up to cater for different devices, this becomes a marketing and SEO nightmare. The more sites you have, the more time you will need to spend on your marketing strategy for each one. Why bother, when a responsive site allows you to market your business’ website all at once? Much less hassle and much more time to prioritize other business tasks.

8. A Responsive Site Is Going to Work Better in Search Engines
What is the point in having a website for your business if nobody can find it? You need your website to be search engine friendly and a responsive site will ensure that people will be able to find your site easily using search engines. Even Google recommends the use of responsive designs to work best with its search engine.

Research shows that if two very similar sites are searched for and only one of them is a responsive site, this one will rank higher in the main search engines than the unresponsive one. Since you rely heavily on search engines for your website traffic, this could be a key decider in whether or not to invest in a responsive website.

9. Content Management Systems Use Responsive Themes
Content Management Systems are now a very popular option for website owners and all of the big providers such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla support responsive designs. Using these types of platforms means that you can save a lot of time in terms of maintenance because the site CMS platform does all of the hard work for you.

10. A Smart Move Now to Save Hassle Later
You only need to look at how fast technology has moved in the last 10 years to see how quickly things change in the modern world. If you leave it any longer to decide to invest in a responsive design, you may end up paying a fortune to bring your website up to date further along the line.

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